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Industry Issues

NAHB is the leading voice for the housing industry on the wide range of issues that impact home building.

Take Action on Transformer Shortages

U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Department of Energy wants to increase energy efficiency standards on distribution transformers. This will only worsen the current shortage of transformers. Congress is considering legislation that would allow for more practical efficiency gains in transformers while also providing long-term supply chain certainty. Make your voice heard by sending a letter to Congress.

Inflation Reduction Act

Learn more about the regulation and its impact on the housing industry.

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Promoting reforms in appraisal practices to ensure that appraisals accurately reflect true market values

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Protecting our natural resources and promoting economic growth with regulatory certainty

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Resources for health threats and natural disasters

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Federal Regulatory Reform

Advocating for reform to control skyrocketing compliance costs that stifle businesses and harm consumers

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Land Use

Resources to address challenges in local land development processes with the Land Use 101 Toolkit

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Resources to support resiliency efforts and initiatives focused on implementing cost-effective, market-driven solutions

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Safety and Health

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all construction workers with resources for employers and employees

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Sustainability and Green Building

Construction techniques, materials and designs to minimize a home’s impact on the environment

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Tax Issues

Advocating for home building incentives in the tax code, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and opportunity zones