Contact: Jeff Augello
AVP, Association Counsel
(202) 266-8490

NAHB is vitally concerned with providing safe, affordable housing for all, and plays an active role in developing residential accessibility standards and in advancing housing accessibility.

Policy Statement

NAHB supports efforts by its members and affiliated home builder associations to develop voluntary programs promoting accessible design features for single-family construction and remodeling.

However, the association opposes mandatory requirements for accessible design features in single-family new construction and remodeling. To sustain housing affordability, it is NAHB policy that residential design be regulated to provide cost-effective construction codes and standards, and that all other design features should be market-driven.

Why We Care

Federal law (and some state and local jurisdictions) requires certain new housing to be accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Mandatory requirements for accessible design features in all single-family new construction or remodeling could become quite costly and unfeasible for many builders. However, it is important to promote these accessible and universal design features. Individuals with permanent or temporary mobility impairments, the aging population and many other consumers’ desire design features that make their homes easier to live in based on their individual needs.